nod studios
7 days

The world was created in seven days! How hard can it thus be to found a company in exactly the same amount of time? – Well, let us tell you..



Two like-minded and smart interior design lovers found each other at their previous employer.
Our then evolved vision of creating our own little world in 7 days might have appeared as an act of hubris, but fortune favors the brave. So, Daniela and Maria founded nod studios GmbH within 7 workdays. Why in this short amount of time? And how is it possible in a world of red tape ?

1. Together, you can go further

Clients realized how unique these two women are and guessed their potential if merging their passion and different backgrounds. This momentum had to be put into action, together with a dedicated team having their back. It just needed to be soon, to be exact in 7 days.
The team – working very well together and complementing each other just like Daniela and Maria – was found quickly. Each of them has a unique approach and skill set, but shares its energy and vision for nod studios – a company which brings together passion for design, personality and business thinking.

2. You can’t know it all – ask for help

Although Daniela and Maria had a clear and detailed business plan and a very precise idea of how the company should be like, they were very grateful to listen to advice, which we luckily received from expected and even unexpected sides: former colleagues, business partners and consultants, but also family and friends got involved as soon as they heard about the plan. Look out for experts, keep listening and learning. Simply because you never know it all.

3. Show up – the power of personality

Discovering the power of personality was probably the first sign for us, that we were taking the right path. We always believed that personality comes before technology So when we faced the estimated timelines of the famous German bureaucracy to found a company, which is up to three months, we trusted in our motto and made German red tape fun again. Clerks, bank agents and others moved mountains for us. Thank you guys! Together we made it.
And now, here we are, an interior design and project management company, grateful to design and deliver your projects. We cannot wait to meet you.

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The world was created in seven days! How hard can it thus be to found a company in exactly the...