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Factory Berlin Moonbase: Influences from Scandinavian and Andy Warhol

Factory Berlin is a collective co-working space, inspired by Andy Warhol’s famed Factory studio in New York. Bringing together an international community of innovators, creators and changemakers, Factory Berlin is one of a growing number of co-working environments in the area.

“The BAUX acoustic products contributed a lot to this project as they come in a great variety of shapes and colours. For example, the ‘wood wool hexagon tiles’ in small and large fit perfectly to the scandinavian interior design style. Combining different colour tones we created a wall graphic, which was both – a stylistic element and a practical acoustic absorber.”
– Maria Günther –

Zum Projekt ‘Factory Berlin – Moonbase

Artikel verfasst von Baux AB
Bilder: Eric Kemnitz

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